Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tears dry on their own

I was in the middle of writing a post, when I heard Amy Winehouse died at the tender age of 27.
Though I was sure she wasn't going to live a long life, I was quite shocked and saddened - already affected by the events in Norway - and had to think of a note she wrote when she was 17 years old - 10 years before she died... 

I had heard of her, but it wasn't until 'Rehab' became a hit that I really got to know her music. As a singer from the 00ies, she stood out so much - no one seemed to have even half her talent. With her music she made lonely people feel like they had a bond, with her words she assured them they shared a sad experience or outlook on life, love and relationships... 

If only she had stuck to her plan to 'live her life like the bomb shell I really am' - how different her life would have been. Maybe that's today's message: be nice to people, but never, ever forget to be nice and especially never, ever be anything but good to yourself. Especially when you're as talented as Amy Winehouse.

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