Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here's not looking at you, kid

Acting nuts is normal, acting normal is nuts.

That's what I felt today, anyway. This morning I said 'hi' again, and basically I think the result will be the same each and every time, no matter where or how you say it to people you see on a daily basis, but never talk to. Most of them are too startled to react to this simple word at all. People either pretend to not have heard you, or they mumble 'hello' while looking at the floor, the toes of their shoes, but not, no, anything but while looking at you.

But whatever their reaction - or non reactions - they exposed themselves by acting differently as soon as the bus arrived. All of them insisted I'd enter first. Seriously.

- 'After you'
- 'No, really, thank you'
- 'Please, I insist'
- 'Oh, no, I insist, please'

Insert hand and arm gestures where appropriate.

Apparently they all did notice my greeting and came to the conclusion that I was nice.
Nice enough to be the first one to enter.
Or maybe they were embarrassed by not or barely answering earlier.
I enjoyed getting on more than ever, I have to say.

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