Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quick Summary

So last week I did the following:

  • I greeted 
  • Held the door open for a mother and child
  • Discussed the vacation plans of my dry cleaner's who was having a boring, slow day
  • I smiled - got a wink from a father while his wife was walking next to him (guys, don't do that, it's offputting and not nice to your lady; she's the pearl in your life, especially when she's right there next to you. If you need more info on that, by all means, drop me an email and I'll try to explain it to you)
  • Offered a handkerchief to a crying woman
  • Wiped the sink in a public bathroom for the person after me; I personally hate the sight of messy sinks
Normally I would not have greeted in a lot of cases. I smile often at people, so that was nothing new. But I would not have talked to my dry cleaner's as I am usually a bit on the shy side, I would not have offered that hanky for the same reason and I would not have wiped that sink if I hadn't come up with this blog. 

So those are small improvements. Small, but nonetheless improvements. 

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