Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

After I came up with the idea for this project last weekend, I started to think about the last time I did a random act of kindness. Just that day I had smiled broadly at a woman who looked a bit down, which made her light up, and I helped 3 toads cross the road (trust me, other species count, too).

But I also noticed something funny: people were nice. And by that I mean: they were nicer than usual. It was almost as if they knew I had this plan in mind. I was on the bus and didn't have bus fare, but the ticket machine on board was out of order. I told the driver and explained I didn't have any change on me, so I couldn't buy one from him either. As I headed for the door he said: 'Hey... Never mind. It's OK. Just sit down'. 

Later I was in line at a grocery store with nothing but a can of pop, and the person in front of me with loads of groceries let me cut the line. That hasn't happened to me in ages. On another day I brought my boots to the cobbler just to have the heels repaired and he actually fixed the toes of the boots - damaged by bad pavement - too, at no cost. 

Now, to pay all that forward puts a lot of pressure on me for the upcoming week. I'm already slightly nervous about upcoming Tuesday, when I have to greet the people at the busstop, as it's way out of our routine. But that's the whole point. Breaking that routine of shutting yourself off.

Lastly, I'd secretly like to thank blood donors for doing an incredibly good deed - someone I love just got good news from the hospital on Friday, thanks to you, anonymous strangers!

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